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The Crackvolution is a revolution movement to bring back the crack epidemic. This resurgence of crack will bring your friendly neighborhood crack head back to the lime light and allow us non crack smokers to benefit. For just a $10 crack rock, your friendly neighborhood crackheads will windex your windows, mow and rake your lawn, wash your car, the options are limitless, however, you must always supervise such activities for these crack heads are squirrely mothafuckers and will take anything that is not bolted down, or worse....turn your nice humble abode into the neighborhood crack fuck shack. So support your local crack dealer and let's see the Crackvolution Make Crackheads Great Again!
Todd: Did you hear of this new Crackvolution where people are trying to bring back the crack epidemic in order to get crackheads to do chores for them? How messed up right?
Bill: Oh fuck you Todd, you would be against it you liberal fuck...I get my house cleaned and they get their crack, everyone wins.
Todd: I'm just saying it seems a little inhumane-
Jim: You wanna know what is inhumane Todd, ya cunt of a wife's tuna tunnel, but you don't see everyone bitchin about that so shut the fuck up and drink your o'douls.
by Bobsandersonthegoat March 01, 2017
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