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A very righteous Cracker of sorts who loves to spew their thoughts and beliefs. Unfortunately most of these thoughts and beliefs espoused tend to come from complete ignorance and/or complete lack of understanding. Has a air of preacher in them and needs to communicate one's own beliefs and opinions as much as possible while trying to belittle anyone who disagrees with them.

More often the Crackers-san hates science, since it's filled with those darn tootin facts that keep proven the Cracker-san wrong. But remember, the Cracker-san will never admit defeat and will continue to argue stating everything is a just an opinion and of course the Cracker-san's opinion is always right.
Well at least right in the Cracker-san's opinion.
ABV: The Immaculate Conception isn't even fully understood by most Christians, much less Catholics. But let me tell you . . .

Twit: Preach on Cracker-san, Preach on!
by filmtwit November 11, 2009
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