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A magazine for and about white people. Most notably all of the celebrity bullshit magazines that are in your face at the supermarket checkout stand. The crackazine will appeal to people who have no life and need up to the minute details on Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Lindsay Lohan, Hillary Duff and a host of other non ethnic persons whos only claim to fame is the ability to talk in front of a video camera (some can't even do that well). The most popular crackazines are People, Star, US Weekly and several others that feature starving melanin deficient PR creations.
Braindead: I need the latest scoop on Brad Pitt's rectal exam and a critique on who was wearing what at the annual Bullshit awards show.

Braindead2: Golly Gee, go pick up a crackazine.
by Mad Sclupu September 02, 2005
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