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A neighborhood in Las Vegas where drug use, prostitution, and criminal activity is extremely common. It used to be one of the most affluent areas in town during the 1970s when it was populated with celebrities but has experienced a steady decline since then. This can be attributed to the abundance of apartment complexes run by slumlords, illegal immigrants, Section 8 housing, and its inner city location.

The boundaries of Crack Alley are Flamingo to the south, Desert Inn to the north, Maryland to the east, and Paradise to the west. However, most of the crime is concentrated along Sierra Vista and Cambridge.

The crime levels of Crack Alley are among the highest in the city and are rivaled only by Naked City, the Alphabet Streets, and the less-touristy parts of Downtown. Las Vegas attempted to lower the crime rate by constructing a police substation adjacent to Sierra Vista which has proven somewhat effective.

Crack Alley is in close proximity to important establishments in Las Vegas. These include UNLV, the Boulevard Mall, the Convention Center, Sunrise Hospital, and the Country Club. Most of these establishments have taken extra security precautions to ensure safety to locals who frequent these high-traffic places.

Although Las Vegas and the police have both taken action to improve this neighborhood (and they have so far seen marginal success), it still remains one of the most dangerous areas in town.
I was driving to the Boulevard Mall once when I accidentally took a wrong turn and drove through Crack Alley where I saw drug deals on the street corners.
by MNMBLMPAMC June 26, 2010
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