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Cowon, allso known as iaudio, is a brand of music and media players. They offer awesome sound quality and freedom compared to iPods, but you dont get a pair of crappy white earphones with them and they dont have a half eaten fruit as a logo so they suck!
What iPod is that?

Its not an iPod, its the cowon S9!

Why dont you get an iPod?

Beacuse I like this more, it has a 100 times better screen, the sound is just awesome and dont get me started on custom UIs!

But... but... it doesnt have wifi! AHA!!!

I have it on my phone dumbass, and did I forget I dont have to use itunes?

That chines crap cant be good. iPods are amerikan and so they must be better!

by tirim4 April 25, 2010
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