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Cowey is the equivilant of a female human offspring of a cow.
There has only been one recorded in the world and as far as anyone knows her current residence is Georgia in the USA.
She is surprisingly beautiful, provocative, skinny, glamorous, sexy, and loveable but expectedly crazy, spoiled, loud, random, flirtatious, and always eating.
She never sweats and always smells good.
She is always up for and adventure and squeezes her self out of trouble all the time but won't back down from a fight.
She migrates to her birth place, New Jersey, every summer.
Her usual habitat is a place called The Avenues but she never ventures outside of her den alone; instead she always travels in a "pack".
This "pack" normally cosists of her best chick friend and/or her "sister" but she believes in a thing called a "susage to coocher ratio" and in her opinion this ratio means that in her pack there should be more males then females and thats normally how it is unless the number of males vs. females if equal. If the ratio is off and there are more females then males in her pack then she will leave her pack to join a pack where the ratio is correct.
She obsessed with the male population, she loves the beach, and she is a Christian.
Cowey is a B.A.M.F.
by Nathanyel. February 22, 2011
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look at that size of that cowey,i had cowey with me bitch last nite,wheres that cowey gone,
i had cowey with me bird last nite
by abi taylor December 12, 2003
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