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A professional victim’s organization based in Canada that promotes total civilian disarmament in Canada. The main inspiration for Cowboys for Social Responsibility, the Coalition for Gun Control (CGC) maintains that inanimate objects, mainly firearms, are responsible for homicide, femicide, infanticide, matricide, patricide, suicide, filicide, siblicide and every other known “cide” in the English language.
The Cowboys for Social Responsibility assume that if a person owns a firearm they are dangerous, particuarily men. If a man owns a firearm he will undoubably be more likely to beat his wife or kid.

The Cowboys for Social Responsibility recently defined the good folks at CanadianGunNutz as persons who buy firearms to be used AGAINST their wives, because knives kill more people than guns.
by CanadianGunOwner October 27, 2010
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Cow boys for social responsibility is a blog for antis. Drawing from the Coalition for Gun Control and other sources they claim that guns cause suicides, that guns cause homicides, and that guns cause domestic violence against women and children. Womens shelters claim that women are terrorized at the hands of men with firearms.

Socieconomic or cultural reasons for violence are ignored as causes, including alcholism and poverty. Somehow it is innaminate objects that by themselves promote people to lose their minds, to snap and start beating their wives or killing people.
The full-time victims at Cow Boys for Social Responsibility want to ban all firearms from all law-abiding hunters and sport shooters in Canada. They feel the human right to self defense is not a right. They feel generations of hunters and shooters of Canada are now suddenly dangerous.
by CanadianGunOwner October 21, 2010
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A web site promoting false definitions used on Possibly formed as a fan group for the movie broke back mountain.....
Those CowboysForSocialResponsibility, aught to just organize a trust fund for criminals. After all, it's the murderer that's the victim, the other person is just a corpse.
by NotAmusedAtCGN October 29, 2010
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