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A night in which you have the covers over your head. Usually for a. hidden masturbation, b. your shield against ghosts and the darkness of your room (a cellphone or light-emitting device most likely used for additional brightness) or c. to block out noise even your closed door can't prevent (50% of the time from your parent's bedroom). Like this, you have easy access to a clothes-free sleep.
Dave: Bro, this movie we're watching is the f*cking scariest thing I've ever seen in my life.

Jim: Yeah, looks like tonight's gonna be a covernight... can't risk spotting a ghost in the corner of my room.

Lisa: Oh my gosh, I just can't touch myself without having a fear that my parents are gonna walk in on me!

Emily: Try making it a covernight.
by ALLNIGHTEVERYDAY April 15, 2011
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