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Courville Curse

It is a family curse It’s origin is described in the book The Gothic Story of Courville Castle published in 1801. The real family curse is the men die young typically in their 60’s the females live well into their 80-90, also Male Courville’s normally suffer from many failed marriages and are known to have many children with many women looking their whole short lives for that happy family they so desperately long for. All Male Courville’s fear dyeing alone. The female Courville’s fare much better in their life as soon as they give up the maiden name Courville, hence giving up the curse. All Courvills have been said to be extra sensitive to the after world and are said to be empathic. Also Known for being very good lovers hence the reason they are able to have many children with many different women. Females can’t help to be attracted to what is call a vampire pheromone.
Girl 1: Wow who is that guy!
Girl 2: Ohh that's a Courville I would stay away from him, he suffers from The Courville curse!
Girl 1: What kind of curse?
Girl 2: Well you will fall madly in love with him, get married and have his baby but you wont stay married...
by Mr háñdsòme June 17, 2015
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