During male on male gay anal sex, the act of "reaching around" and giving your partner a handjob. This action is considered common courtesy and must be performed unless your partner specifically requests otherwise. Failing to do so is punishable by law in Montana, South Dakota, and New Mexico.

A courtesy reach around is the opposite of a "Spite Reach-around," in which the receiving partner is given a reach around despite specifically requesting to to have one.
While John was plowing his man-lover in the asshole, he decided to be polite and give a courtesy reach around.

I bet your the kind of guy who fucks a man in the ass and doesn't even have the goddamn courtesy to give a reach around.
-Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, Full Metal Jacket
by Johnnymcdildoface July 11, 2008
Used when two gay guys have sex doggy style. The "top" guy gives the "bottom" guy pleasure by reaching round and masturbating the penis. Can be used by non gays to describe someone who has not done something that you would expect them to do due to "common courtesy".

Also, if someone is a tight arse.
Dan "That dude did not hold the door open for me"

Mike "Yeah - I bet he doesn't do the common courtesy reach around either"
by Slackmatt September 4, 2007
The act of taking advantage of the natural curvature of one's lower limbs to kick another person in the general crotchal region while standing to their posterior.
1) Even though he was standing behind Ross, Englebert was still capable of causing him great pain by way of kicking his testis through the practical application of the Kansas City Courtesy Reach-Around.
by your.pseudonym November 3, 2009
The most basic way to show respect to somebody.
Guy 1: "Hey, how was your date."
Guy 2: "It was good, except for one thing."
G1: " What?"
G2: "She didn't give me the courtesy of a reach-around."
G1: "Not even the courtesy of a goddamn reach-around?! You should dump her."
by KS721 March 14, 2011
While a man is fucking a woman from behind(doggy style if you will) she reaches between her legs and tickles his nutsac,

Also know as the courtesy reach around
I was hittin it with this broad and she gave me the courtesy wrap around/reach around
by Johnny Deez January 10, 2008