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A rounded, slightly dopey looking face found in women of the deep south. Characteristically, these women have dull listless eyes, are generally drunk, or crazy, or both. They are an extremely promiscuous and loud breed.
Wow! Look at that girl! Oh, wait I just saw she has "country face."

A girl with "country face", I'm getting laid for sure if I say hi, and I don't even have to buy her Waffle House.

Your new girlfriend you brought to the party has "country face." Hide the liquor or the cops will surely be called.
by Triosfactor February 02, 2011
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The facial reaction you make at a co-worker who does something socially acceptable at work but would be considered taboo to you otherwise or amongst your peers.
After listening to the third Toby Keith song play over my co-worker's speakers, everyone noticed my country face. That shit is unacceptable.
by Leon the smurf December 16, 2011
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