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An older woman too dried out for the watering hole who rubs up on every man that walks into the bar. It is a natural predator. Anyone under the age of 30 should beware of its powerful prowess.

The Cougasaurus Rex is often seen grabbing the backsides of unsuspecting young men.

The Cougasaurus Rex is known for the 20 second hug with a neck kiss thrown in.

If you encounter a Cougasaurus Rex, proceed with extreme caution - take every measure to not put on your beer goggles or the Cougasaurus Rex will move in for the kill.

Alternate definition:

A senior citizen cougar - A woman over the age of 60 who visits dive bars on the prowl for strapping young lads.

Characteristic qualities include: grey hair, glasses, and smelly old lady perfume.

Be Aware: At any given point a Cougasaurus Rex may sneak up behind you and sink her claws into an innocent young buck.
OMG, that Cougasaurus Rex is totally movin' in on Ted - should we save him?

Hey guys, do you think that Ted will hook up with the Cougasaurus Rex?

Yep, Ted totally hooked up with the Cougasaurus Rex - He should have left his beer goggles at home!

Cougasaurus Rex don’t care’!
by Erin & Ted September 02, 2011
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