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A Cougar Scout often differs from a Cougar Hunter(CH), but can be one in the same. A CS or Cougar Guide (CG) looks for
Cougar Dens (Hangouts, frequented places by cougars and affiliates). They also spot cougars before anyone in their hunting party, giving them the unique title of CS. A CS/CG doesn't always hunt to capture cougars for themselves, he assists the CH's in their challenge with his advice and his
advanced Cougdar technology. In addition to scouting a CS/CG can also hunt and go in for a kill, if the Cougar is of outstanding quality, but he prefers the chase rather than the capture.
Thank Gawd the Blanket an experienced Cougar Scout/Guide spotted the cougar out for me. I was able to prove my hunting skills right before she made her attack.
by Big Poon March 13, 2008
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