When a group of Facebook trolls find random live streams and ask about an imaginary couch they are selling. These trolls normally focus on Pearl Parties and Jewelry Showcases being broadcasted on Facebook Live by old women. If one person asks, they look stupid, but when these trolls come in numbers 20+, they are powerful. They will call the broadcaster the opposite gender to anger them more.

These trolls will send messages like:
"Am I too late for the couch auction?"
"Young man/lady, did you sell the couch yet?"
"Hi, is the couch still for sale?"
"Hello, I saw a craigslist ad that said you were selling a couch."
"Your friend Ashanti told me you're selling a couch."
"Show us the couch little girl/boy."
"Shoe on head"

The only way to fend these trolls off is putting a shoe on your head. They take a screenshot, put it in their troll group, then leave. All in all, they are very harmless and will not post obscene or vulgar messages on your live video. They just want to buy your couch or see a shoe on your head.
Lady: Ok everyone, here is number 22 it is a silver neckla-
Troll: Hi young man, am I too late for the Couch Auction?
Lady: No, this is not a couch auction and I am not a man. This is a jewelry showcase.
Troll: Ashanti sent me. She said you're selling your couch. Do not lie, little boy
Lady: I am not selling a couch! Get a life
Troll: Shoe on head
by iDateBlackGirls December 17, 2017
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