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A ghetto/white trash hangout forkids under 18 in Waynesboro,pa.Lots of middle schoolers go there to dirty dance,smoke weed or make out with their bf/gf.Most of the poor popular sluts go there to meet their boyfriends or friends with benefits.its a skating rink,but nobody really goes there to skate because there is a dancefloor in the middle of the skating rink where most girls lap dance on guys or grind on them.Every girl wears slutty clothes to go there because there are lots of hot but poor guys there.Its basically just an extremely ghetto hangout.
All names are made up.
Dani C (a blonde slut):Hey girrl should i wear my wal-mart booty shorts to Cosmic Skate tonight,so my darling ben will get a boner.

Dezi G (a chesnut brown slut):yea girrl we"ll both look sexy because i'm wearing by plastic tube top thats also a crop top.

Dani C:You think i should give ben another lap dance on the dance floor today.

Dezi g:Ya,girrrl he deserves it after popping your cherry last night when we all forced him too.

Dani C:Your right Girrrrrrrrrrl,okay we better get going before my birth control wears off.
by waynesboromiddleschool October 17, 2011
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