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1. Someone who has Dropped out of high Shool to scrub off of a significant other's family. like a leech or tape worm.

2. A person who pretends to know how to skate board because they carry one around with them ALL the time.

3. A stoner that smokes dried cilantro because they cannot afford to purchase real weed.

4. derogatory comment usually directed towards feminine men critiquing their almost guaranteed small penis.
1. "hey guys look its Nathaniel!" "don't go talk to him he turned into a Cory-Neu." "oh.....such a shame my prayers go out to the family."

2. "the the child never went to the skate park because the other boys knew that he was just a simple Cory that never learned how to even Ollie."

3. "Cory goes to his local pizzeria to steal their grade A 'grand daddy Cil'."

4. "lol derrick could your 'Cory' get any smaller? i think it could legally be called an inny!"
by clilea December 06, 2009
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