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A Cory is a Skinny, Funny, Easy to get along with kind of guy. There is MUCH MUCH more than meets the eye, Cory is very deep, and has a lot going on in his head. Typically a white male, he loves and is very talented at the sport lacrosse. he Is good at being a good friend, he will be there even if your being a bitch. Has A Very sexy look, so sexy infact when you walk in a public place with Cory, he will turn heads. Cory's Super cute, and super Nice, always looking to please the other. Cory Seems like a metrosexual. Very straight. Infact you never know what he wants. The more you hang out with Cory the more you will be attracted to him. Cory is a great friend to have. And Is Most deff a great companion. Cory has a sensitive side and is also known to mess up. He is a human; Cory is sweet, Cory is a nice guy. All in All. Cory is Numero Uno, because of their superior Pokemon Knowledge. Cory is a sweet heart, commonly known to love girls named Savanna Shcafer.
by someone completly random May 29, 2011
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