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Located in a town of around 25,000 people. Multi million football stadium but team cant ever manage to make it to the playoffs. The golf team almost has more members than the band, which is never heard at halftime. Favorite pastimes of students include drinking, drugs, and sex. It is not uncommon to walk down the hall and see a dozen pregnant girls macking on their baby daddy. The poverty rate in Corsicana is extremely high, as about 75% of the students recieve free/reduced lunch. Also, it is common to smell weed in the bathroom, esp. in B hall. Somehow, the good kids are always the ones to get in trouble. The school enforces a ridiculous dress code, and the focus on it is more important than the academics. If you have connections to the right people, you can get away with pretty much anything. The Fall of 2005 wasd marked with several incidents, including a fire which closed school for 2 days, multiple lockdowns due to guns, fire drills as a result to idiots pulling the alarm in class, and several bomb threats. Come graduation time, several seniors cannot graduate due to not being able to pass the TAKS test. It is a minority-majority school, for the numbers of mexicans and blacks outnumber the white. Most people say they will leave this town once they graduate, but end up staying here, raising thier kids, and becoming thier parents, never getting out. The biggest rival is Ennis High School, "The I45 Rivalry", even though we havent beat them in three years. The only sports team that wins consistently is tennis. The school has very little success in academics and athlethics, although the majority of the budget goes to the football team, which is understandable, just like any other small town in Texas, football is the center of everything. If you attend/attended CHS, the sayings "Its a great day to be alive and a tiger" and "KEEP IT TRILL!" make perfect sense to you.
"You go to Corsicana High School?"

"Oh how many kids do you have? And where do you get your weed?"
by ;wkfoisjdfnoswnoghsoimivsoiwne December 27, 2008
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