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1.Corruptionaire is a derogatory umbrella terminology for wealthy individuals such as millionaires and billionaires who amassed their wealth by monopoly, skulduggery, oppression, counter moral or otherwise corrupt business or systemic protocols.

2. People who inherit fortunes without paying their dues to society and abuse their power due to lack of experience, wisdom, respect and regard for others.
3. Individuals who made fortunes through business practices or products known to harm society or individuals.
1. Corruptionaire practices take advantage of flaws in the law which are later addressed but by that time the damage has been done and the wealth has been accumulated affording the potential for further law obfuscation through continual litigation or paying others to be silenced (hush money).
2. The Government has too many corruptionaire's taking money to make laws beneficial for large corporations which hurt the working class and compromise the future of the nation.
by Sirxium May 29, 2018
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