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A subspecies of Sergal created by Tearor in order to improve on the original design and get away from the negative aspects of Sergal.

Though similar in appearance to the original Sergal they are a crossbreed of Sergal and Dragon in order to create a larger, heavier body shape capable of much greater strength.

Other then general appearance there is no similarities between Sergal and Corrupt Sergal because Corrupt Sergal, often referred to as CS for short, have a much different and much more advanced biology and numerous extra capabilities.

As of this time there are only 2 Corrupt Sergal in existence, the original pair, Tearor and Nightmare.

Unlike Sergal, who are a species designed for battle and war, the Corrupt Sergal are much more peaceful and prefer to relax and have fun though they are more evil in nature. Corrupt Sergal can fight very well but rarely do because their large size acts as a deterrent for would be attackers. It also makes them very deadly when angered.

Another main different is their young, known as "pups", not "puppies" or any other name of the sort. A pup is very playful, likes to be cuddled and is very loving to those it likes.

The Corrupt Sergal in general are a very intimate species and their society is one of enjoyment instead of battle and based very heavily around Vore and mating. Propagation of the species is very fast when they have a large food supply due to how their bodies can process food in a way to speed up growth.

When encountering a Corrupt Sergal it is best to look as non-threatening as possible. Also act friendly to them reduce the chance of the individual deciding to take the threat as an opportunity to use you as a toy. It is also a bad idea to threaten them because a Corrupt Sergal's body is extremely hard to damage and also healing is quick due to their biology.

Normally the Corrupt Sergal are quite friendly if they aren't currently hunting for a meal or in a mating rut. They are especially friendly if you offer them a sacrifice as well for them to eat, preferably live.

For full documentation on the species and what makes it unique, because the normal Sergal biology doesn't apply to them, find the guide online.
It's a bad idea to anger the Corrupt Sergal since they are bigger then you

Corrupt Sergal pups love to cuddle.
by Tearor Bloodwing September 11, 2008
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