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(kə-rekt’ - æn’sɜ:ʳ - æl’gə-rɪð’əm)

A step-by-step problem-solving procedure, especially an established, computational procedure to transmogrify incorrect answers into answers found in the back of textbooks.

X = Fғ ∙ Xᴜ + Cғ

Fғ = Fudge Factor,
Xᴜ = the undesired answer,
Cғ = Finagle’s Constant

The Fudge Factor is simply the number, 0, and Finagle’s Constant is the answer in the back of the book (or any other answer that might be preferred instead of the current answer.)
Let’s take this baby out for a spin & see how it works...

Suppose you’ve been asked to solve

    eˣ ⁺ ³ = 5

which requires the use of a natural logarithm which you don’t know how to do because you spent your time in your high school math class doing EHAP homework & texting your friends who are now sitting in the same junior college remedial math class you are.

Since you have no chance of using the $200 TI-89 that mommy & daddy bought you to actually solve this equation, you instead use it like a $10 TI-15 & find a brute force, guess-and-check, decimal solution of x = -1.39 . Whew!

You look in the back of the book & see the answer is “-3 + ln 5”. Dang! You’re screwed because this teacher means business & only accepts answers showing all work & matching the answer in the back of the book.

Not so fast… now’s the time to pull out the *Correct Answer Algorithm*…

X = Fғ ∙ Xᴜ + Cғ

Fғ = Fudge Factor = 0
Xᴜ = the undesired answer = -1.39
Cғ = Finagle’s Constant = -3 + ln 5

X = Fғ ∙ Xᴜ + Cғ

= (0) ∙ (-1.39) + (-3 + ln 5)

= 0 + (-3 + ln 5)

= -3 + ln 5

Voilà! A "solution" showing "work" that produces the correct answer!

While this transmogrification works 100% of the time, you do run the risk of pushing your teacher to the point of mumbling stuff like "Well, even if you did show all your work, it isn't the 'Correct' work", "Only three years till retirement", or correctly identifying you as an incorrigible smart ass.
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