The Corpsveau is a mythical cross-bred creature that is half snake and half crow. While the origin story of the very first corpsveau is yet a mystery, legend has it that it first spontaneously emerged as the result of a poor translation between the words "snake", "raven", and "corbeau" which instantaneously breathed life into the first of its kind.

Conveniently, the etymology of the creature also conveniently lends utility to indicating one's equivalent interest in their lover's body and mind through the compounding of "corps" and "cerveau" (trans. French).

A group of corpsveaux is known as an "unibroue".

At times, one can feel an unibroue of corpsveaux brewing within oneself when overwhelmed with feelings of love and affection for another; this is typically mistaken to be kaleidoscope of butterflies.

The corspveau is perpetually pissed off, mostly as the results of it's unfortunate (alleged) origin story, which, ironically lends to its charm. The corpsveau is a beautifully paradoxical creature; hopefully you will have the pleasure of their company before La Fin du Monde.
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Oras: "Hey Kevin..."
Kevin: "oui?"
Oras: "J'aime ton Corpsveau!"
Kevin: "Oh!" **experiences a unibroue of corpsveau**
by kdawwwgggy February 25, 2021
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