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(abbr: Corporate-Communism)(n):
(A) a revolutionary movement perpetrated by members of the Top-Most Upper-Class (TMUP) to create a uni-class (lower class), moneyless, and stateless social order structured upon debt owed to the TMUC and ownership of the total world GDP by the TMUC members of a world society.
(B) a subversive political movement that is espoused by the Republican Party & the Tea Party.
(C) any political movement with the goal of destroying local free-market Capitalism, in favor of global markets and international corporations which own total world GDP.
(D) a subversive re-distribution scheme in which all value created in an economy is re-distributed to the Top-Most Upper Class.
(E) a subversive economic philosophy in which the Top-Most Upper Classes own all property (both Physical and Intellectual), control all means of production, and all means distribution.
(F) a psychological system in which individuals who have no vested interest in Corpo-Communism continually vote for politicians who support Corpo-Communism; political delusionalsim
(G) a linguistic game in which politicians who support the tenets and goals of Corpo-Communism (ex. George W. Bush; Mitt Romney) use the language of Capitalism, the language of Religion, and the language of "old-timey American values" to fool the American population into voting them into power; a language system that exploits the language of the American Founders to trick Americans.
"As a supporter of Corpo-Communism, I think the rich should control everything, kid, everything!"
by Zap Gamma August 05, 2012
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