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an island where white people live.
filled with teenagers, old people, and annoying cops who have nothing better to do than annoy the hell out of teenagers doing nothing wrong. the teenagers here adopted art forms suck as dramatical talents, photography and for a select few who took the art of skating. coronado host an uber old hotel called the Hotel del Coronado... uber simple. its supposedly haunted. also teenagers love to run around it and almost break there ankles... i'de know. also coronado host many places to eat like the Beach and Grill Cafe which has relatively good food to the rest of the island. Mootime ice-cream which is overpriced ice cream. Fairy landing a place with great views... the beaches are alright... bonfire pits host parties almost daily
filled with surfers, indie kids and other stereotypes... uber small place but can get crowded during the summer months in which "zonies" come and invade the island renting out peoples houses for there summer vacation.
Welcome to Coronado, California
by ohsnos August 24, 2010
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