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noun. pronunciation Ko Rnnn waah kerr. American Origin.. Ever since the first corn maze was invented in 1993, people have found ways to destroy the months of hard work that those poor farmers have put into their maze of corn.. A cornwalker is someone who goes to a corn maze, for the sole reason to walk through the walls of corn. If you see one, it is of the utmost importance that you yell "CORNWALKER! CORRRRNNNWALKKER!" at them.. why, you ask? because they must be reminded that they are a failure in life.... and maybe, just maybe they will follow the maze that makes a corn maze, a corn maze, not corn walls to walk through. these people are also know to pick off the corn, and throw it in the air screaming "CORN HOOOOOEEEEEEE!!!!", or pretend that the corn is their penis, and run up behind someone and rape them with said corn... either way, beware of the cornwalkers..
1. "mazes are hard..." *walks through walls of corn* I've given up.. I am a cornwalker..

2. "those gawd damn cornwalkers, ruining my design" *sobbing hysterically* says every corn farmer ever...
3. walking through the maze like a normal person "man, this place is a-Maze-ing!"
"good one... what's that noise" rustling of the corn stalks,a child walks through the wall of corn...
"CORNWALKER!! how. dare. you." slaps him across the face.
by kelseycoca October 26, 2013
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