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It's a term used by or to describe a woman who is yet unaware or already feels she is not getting the attention she deserves from a man she is seeing, dating, ... when it is obvious the man should be on his knees begging for her attention, instead he's putting himself on a pedestal and making her feel worthless, insecure, insignificant, disposable... If she is not yet aware of this, her friends probably hope that one day she wakes up and thinks, 'wait a minute', I'm more witty, intellectual, younger, sexier than him', I can get a man much better than You. You should be proud and thankful to have me on your arm, kneel for you, in your bed, give you any attention at all ... and you're not, you're so inflated with your own self that you're unable to appreciate the gem you've got... or had'...

A cornered Babe is someone who is not aware or just become aware that she's in a connection to a douchebag... someone not worthy of her kindness, beauty and intelligence.
a sexy young woman is in a connection to a 15 year older man ... she's sexy, good looking, he's kinda average looking (if you wanna be kind about it) with an average sized cock. She showers him with poetry and gifts, he never gives her any gift being emotional or actual... except for pics of his cock, which isn't much of a gift, except for maybe the gift of assuring the expectations aren't too erm, big. Then one day she wakes up from her self imposed state of irrational devotion and goes 'wait a minute, I'm the babe in his corner here' she closes her eyes and imagines Patrick Swayze pulling her out of his corner and dancing in front of her douchebag's nose. She was a 'CORNERED BABE' but no more...!
by dirty dancing babe November 02, 2009
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