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Corndaddy is a term derived from "Cornhole". It is much less publibicaly offensive than "cornhole" yet retains its essence of humour. You could be in a church and mention your sore corndaddy without anyone other than your bros understanding what is truly implied.
"Right in the corndaddy."
"That shit tore up my corndaddy."
by and im the JR November 05, 2007
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A jabroni from the south who picks his women like he picks his corn.
He generally does not care about the quality, but is more concerned with quantity.
A Corn Daddy generally has several STDs and several illegitimate children

Can also be a southerner who enjoys eating corn and raising children.
Dude, that jabroni is a fucking corn daddy.
This corn daddy would sleep with anything.
by Sean Francis November 02, 2007
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