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to the contrary of popular belife a Cori Duff is an extreeeeemly cool person. In most cases they happen to be quite attractive. As well as this an idividual with this name can usually get away with things because they are infact Cori Duff.
".....Because your Cori Duff"

"I want Cori Duff's bone!"

"Duff's the man"
by blahhhh September 03, 2004
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this is really known as Corey Duff and is far less cool than the origional definition may suggest. i attempted to take a picture but this thing is unphotographable thusfore proving that this thing is also far less attractive than origionally said. if you are ever called a corey duff then it is time to kill your self as THE Corey Duff lacks a substance called personality
corey duff is such a cretin!!!!
"oh no i have a broken rib" said corey
two days later..."its healed!!!!
by titleist 4's December 18, 2004
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a male, with incredibly beady eyes, obviously to make up for his lack of personality or facial expression, incapable of real laughter, boring boring boring, often says "what have you got next". often feigns injury for attention, much like alistair goosey. can be seen running to his guidance teacher when he feels life is too much.
corey duff is lyin in his boxers on the bed. a girl is present
corey: "sooooo, do u like golf?"
girl: "id love to play with ure balls"
corey: "actually i use titleist 4's"
by Guidance December 20, 2004
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