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A group of sororities at the University of Texas in Austin. The sororities include Delta Gamma, Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Delta Pi and Alpha Phi.
I'm a legacy to one of the Core 4--I hope I get in!
by srattymcintosh August 11, 2013
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the most elite secret organization, containing only 4 members and multiple associates and associate chicks
by M White Balls October 08, 2004
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Those 4 close friends that are part of a larger group who really click and sometimes go out without inviting the rest of the group to the dismay of a select couple of members who get particularly bitchy. They value each others friendship and are the radical type of people who don't spend all their time studying.
Core 4 member: y,all busy tonight
Dan: so sorry guys ima stay in and do some extra studying
Core 4 member : oh shit didn't mean to put this on the main group chat
by That Avacodo life innit April 24, 2018
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