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a.K.a Whoredova High . Ratchets parade the halls and "swag daddies" can often be found discussing their baby mama drama between classes . They flaunt their moms tax return money on instagram and claim to be 'stuntin on dem hoes' . Their hot slut cheerleaders make up for their awful football team . Weave and pregnancy test wrappers clutter the floor of G Wing bathroom . Blow Jobs in A Wing discount to 5 dollars .

~T w e r k . T w e r k ~
Keisha: *Twerking in Walmart*

Store Clerk: Excuse me but can i help you with anything ?

Keisha: Yeee lemme get some Plan B pills, cheetah print panties, and #2 mechanical penicls .

Store Clerk: why would you ever need all that?

Keisha: Well i go to Cordova High . You nevaa know
by BigDickJay July 17, 2013
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