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A tan on the left arm of a police officer, that occurs from driving around for a lengthy period of time, with his left arm hanging out the window. During the summer months, police officers wear short sleeved shirts. But because they spend most of their time in the cruiser, only their left arm gets tanned from the sleeve down to their fingers. The word, "copper" is derived from the nickname given to police, because their badges were made of copper. That term was then abbreviated to "cop".

This is similar to a farmer's tan; in which both arms are effected.
Woman at the beach: Sir! Can you help me? You're a cop, right? Somebody just stole the wallet out of my shoes!!

Man: Sure, I'll be happy to help. But I'm not even in uniform. I'm only wearing swimming trunks. How did you know I was a police officer?

Woman: That's easy! Because you have a copper tan! Oh...and because your beach towel, duffel bag, beach umbrella, and beach chair all have "Police" written in huge letters...and you have a badge pinned to your chest. That must hurt.

Man: It does.
by wordybird June 20, 2015
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