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A school located in Coppell, a suburb of Dallas. It is one of the best public schools in the area and in the state academically, producing huge numbers of national merit finalists. It is also one of the best football programs in the State of Texas, especially after their 2010-2011 campaign where Coppell finished the season 3rd in the State according to They also produced two big college football prospects in Cam McDaniel who is attending Notre Dame in 2011 and Bennett Okotcha who is attending OU in 2011, and would have produced a 3rd in Jaxon Shipley, if he had not chosen to move schools. They are better than any other school in the State of Texas in every way.
Southlake student: So where do you go to school?
Dewy (Coppell Student): Oh I go to Coppell High School.
Southlake student: OMG, not Coppell?!?!!?!! You guys are so much better than us in every way!!!
Dewy: I know ;)
by Coppell2010 April 19, 2011
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