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A nickname that derives from the Male name "Conor" and is used in a fun joking manner. It is commonly referred to as it's own species, involving things such as; having special abilities (such as flying for short distances), being scared of the opposite gender, may have three heads, and most other things you want the Coonskie to be. It is commonly referred to in pictures and the commments tend to be in a "National Geographic" tone. The Coonskie is an amazing source of amusement.
"Coonskie! Glad to see you budd!"

"The coonskie has many special abilities such as flying for short distances!"

"Let us watch as this wild Coonskie is trying to flee from its natural predator..."

"The Coonskie prefers to mate with its own kind, and finds the opposite gender 'Icky'."
by John... 3:16 December 05, 2008
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