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A term used to refer to scummy low-lives who like to hang out at Cookout, a fast food chain based in the Carolinas.

Most of these people are in early 20's or late teens, and drive either tuner/ricer cars or squatted trucks. They probably didn't pay for or install these mods themselves, they just had their mommy and daddy take them to a mod shop to make it look "cool". Most of the guys that fit in here tend to date girls much younger than them, mainly because they can't find any girls their own age. Most of these girls date guys much older than them because they're "too good for the guys their own age".

They're known for using their vehicles to be loud and obnoxious, usually by revving up their non-muffled engines, doing burnouts, and blowing their overly loud horns. Not to mention, their vehicles likely have many illegal modifications installed on them. When they leave, they tend to race while drunk and/or high down an interstate or busy state highway, which usually ends in a bad wreck and/or a police chase.

Speaking of police, they always have to show up at the restaurant because these trashy people like to stir up shit there. When they finally put someone in handcuffs, all of them start screaming random shit like, "FUCK 12, FREE THE HOMIE, HE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!" even if the police were fully justified for arresting the said person.

If you're traveling to the Carolinas on a Friday/Saturday night, avoid Cookout restaurants at all costs. This is when it gets the worst.
As a former Cookout employee, I dealt with Cookout Trash for nearly a year. They would always start shit outside, and our manager would have to go out there and yell at them to stop. If they didn't stop, he would call the police. After they were all gone, I had to go outside and clean up whatever shit they left behind- beer bottles, food, used condoms, vomit, and whatever else.
by JoeysephDJ September 13, 2020
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