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Traditional use - a common business motivational tool, using both Positive and Negative motivation techniques in one, thus creating efficiencies in Rewards-based behavioral modification techniques.

1. Slap - low-level punishment for errant behavior, often used by parents with their children; (a) depending on method used, can be light or heavy; (b) open handed palm method typically used by women, whereas the backhanded slap is more commonly used by men (see "Bitch Slap").

2. Cookie - a round, sweet baked treat most often paired with milk; (a) Chocoloate chip cookies are my favorite; (b) Nilla wafers run a close second.

3. Cookie slap - a Positive/Negative reward that begins with a treat to remind the recipient that they are a good person worthy of praise, while at the same time slapping them down for making a greivous error.
Dirk gave Steve a cookie slap after the semi-annual sales meeting, when Steve botched the presentation for the VC funding committee. Although Steve had worked very hard to create the PowerPoint deck, his data unfortunately was grossly inaccurate.

by Magilla Gorillla March 21, 2012
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