So if your not that full choc type, chip or ice cream dude and you prefer cookies the most (no matter if halfbacked,oat, crispy or even as dough) you probably need that kind of cookie m8 you share your dark sides desires.. even if it's just munching tons of cookies.. so it's actually a lot about that.. sure your partner can like cookies but eating with your cookie m8 is on a whole other term, since you got that easy going feeling as if some cookies would slide down your throat clinched in fresh milk. Mhhhm...

Cookie m8 are like those buddy's everything is actually easy going but when they get annoyed about sth they protect their m8s even if cookie or not like a lion mummy
'Who was that unique authentic dude you shared your cookies with at that house party?
-oh you mean my cookie m8,well I'd like to tell you but you're not on his level.
What da...'

'you think we're like normal friends?-we are cookie m8s thats nothing to make fun of.?baaaka'

lets get some cookies on our way back home -dude don't you know.. I was waiting for you to come by so I bought them yesterday- you're a true cookie m8 i don't even know how i deserve this..cmn m8 these cookies wouldn't be as half as tasty when ate alone..
by AkNema November 21, 2021
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