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Similar to the effect of a "party foul" except in an environment in which those associated are experiencing a socially unacceptable disturbance in a conversation during a social gathering. Conversation Foul can come about from the 3 I's;

1.) Impulsive arrogance, like when someone asks a question only to answer before the other person can respond.

2.) Inappropriate, scandalous or any other interruptive topics containing subject matter departing from the original topic of a conversation. Such as someone's interruptive tale of having sex on the beach when in fact the group were referring to the cocktail made from vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice and cranberry juice.

3.) Incorrectly assumes the topic and interrupts a previously thriving conversation amongst a group of people with a question which does not coincide with its actual subject matter.

Or any disturbance in a flow of serene conversation which is then resulting in a lingering awkward atmosphere all while the guilty party is completely unaware due to a many number of reasons but usually it is because they are stupid, arrogant, or awkward.


Not to be confused with Autism, which is a serious developmental disorder which adversely affects the brain's ability to development social and communication skills
Justin: I think I'm going to have you sit this one out .

Sam: Wait, how come?

Justin: You wanna know? Fo realz?

Sam: Yes.

Justin: Sam, you are the worst at parties.

Sam: Why?

Justin: You just waltz all over to a stranger's conversation and commit massive conversation fouls which leave me unable to get laid by being associated with you.

Sam: That reminds me of the time I got so horny that I just...(awkward ending).

Justin: ...

Sam: What?


Sam: I, uh... *exits stage left*
by Mr. Benjamin Otter January 02, 2011
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