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a form of putting words into someone's mouth by disagreeing with what you think another has suggested rather than what they've actually said, usually in a very exaggerated way
"Can you take me to the mall real quick, Jen?" asked Ron. "I'm not your slave here to serve you," said Jen. "Oh brother! Another contradict-the-implied statement. I never said that."

Wendy's made the contradict-the-implied statement of a typical stern parent: "Can I have a couple bucks for a new video game." "Money does not grow on trees and this is not a playground, young man."

George's contradict-the-implied statement really pissed me off. After I asked him if he wanted to see a movie together, he yelled, "I'm not the movie wizard who was brought here to go to the movies with you, Cindy."

"Want to hang out today?" I asked Ron. "I do too have a job and a life," he retorted with some snotty contradict-the-implied statement.

"I'm not a pervert with a toe castle and fungus in my room," said Andy when I asked if he would rub my feet. "Quit making contradict-the-implied statements. I never said that."
by sdfsdgfg July 10, 2008
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