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Someone who hates or is against God. (Not to be confused with 'Atheist' or 'Anti-theist' who does not believe in the existence of God.) On the contrary, a Contheist acknowledges or believes in the existence of God and believes that everything is created by him. However, due to his personal failure(s) or constant hardships in life, he develops a belief that it is God who has put him through such difficulties and he will not worship him anymore. In short, he revolts against God and becomes an anarchist towards religion. A Contheist is definitely someone who used to be a believer, but decided to turn against God due to his personal failures.
Mother: Son, it's prayer time.

Contheist: Mom, I am not praying from today. I find no use in it. God has done no good to me, and I don't think he will do any good ever.
by Aamir Airborne January 18, 2014
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