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Noun: The passionless crime of neglecting one's vagina. The result is an unkept, fetid, malodorous vagina that is surrounded by tangled mange, often dotted with open oozing sores, and in serious need of douching.
Keyless "That escort had one of the most putrid and polluted pussies I've ever been in the same room with."

Josh "It looked like a scruffy sheep dog mutt trying to stick it's slobbering tongue out. It smelled like Phil Margera's briefs after a 5k in a hot suit, 2 sharts, and a month spent in an abortion clinic's medical waste container that has been sitting out in the 115 degree heat index."

Keyless "If that doesn't constitute a Contempt of Cunt charge, then I don't know what the hell does."
by Bosh Jurton September 08, 2011
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