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A half-assed revolutionary who manifests his/herself through protest and demanding a reduction in consumer prices. Crowds tend to consist of ultra PC psuedo-totalitarian sexually promiscuous fanatics who pussy out at the thought of cutting back on their consumer wants.

The proposed solutions (instead of playing by the rules of supply and demand forces, organized boycott, substitute good awareness) are government bailouts - in other words, subsidies for all well-to-do corporations so that they can willingly slash their prices for their upscale brand-name products.

This trend is prototypical of the post-2009 recession Obamamania and the ongoing contagiousness of the cliche term, "CHANGE".
Those consumer-communist douchebags are out protesting in-front of the White House. Some of them are lesbian sumo wrestlers demanding "cheaper prices on Haagen-Dazs ice-cream or else!".
by WeIsAllVictims November 09, 2009
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