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The 'Constipated Mouse' is a sound effect achieved by yelling a long 'aahh!', in a more high-pitched voice from the top of your throat; a baby-voice or childish voice while making the Constipated Mouse noise is also required. It is also possible to speak in this mouse voice. When you are making this effect, just imagine a simple mouse trying to force a bowel movement out on his tiny, porcelain toilet.

This sound is very useful in intense situations, such as a murderer entering your house.
*Murderer breaks lock open on front door*.
Resident: "Aahh!" *In the Constipated Mouse voice*.
Murderer: "What the hell is that?"
Resident: "It's our constipated mouse, you better get the f*ck outta here before he takes a poop all over your God damn face... uh-oh, here he comes!"

Chris: "Aah!" *In the Constipated Mouse voice*.
Nick: "Haha! That sounds like a constipated mouse!"
Chris: "God damn it," *In the Constipated Mouse voice*.
by The Oddly Moustached Cat July 31, 2010
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