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An emotional psych which is expressed physically with the intent of casing the receiving party tremendous amounts of grief.
In the episode "Smoldering Children" of American Horror Story the character Constance is visiting another character Larry who went to prison for life for a crime he didn't commit in order to protect Constance.
During their conversation Larry says to her "I can take it, I can endure it all as long as you say those words,"
as he places his hand upon the glass barrier separating them. He continues with "I know you loved me once Constance just say it, and I can face whatever may come." Constance raises her hand appearing as though she will press it upon the glass, however she allows it to hover in the air for a moment before retracting it and proceeding to leave him heartbroken or Constance'd.
by Fulminated Silver October 02, 2013
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