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A show revolving around possible government conspiracies, with Jesse Ventura.
And it's the worst comedy show out there.

Jesse Ventura shows how utterly ignorant he is on this show. One minute he's asking questions over and over again to scrawny researchers, and when they answer his question he gives the half assed excuse of "Not allowing him to speak." Jesse's extremely serious "cool-guy persona" is incredibly bleak and blunt.

Jesse believes that the government is responsible for everything, and you'll be damned if you believe otherwise. He actually believes that the John Lennon murder was a conspiracy, 9/11 conspiracy, fuck, even Area 51. AREA MOTHERFUCKING 51. He'd believe anything that you tell him if it involves the government covering it up. I can't wait for him to do a piece on Maddox's "Unfastened Coins: The Titanic Conspiracy" satirical parody on Loose Change.

The biggest fault in all of this is his logic. His logic is along the lines of "Oh, the government did it, but they covered up any proofs!" Good point, fucktard, but guess what: If you claim that this definition of you was really mandated by the government and they covered up any proof of it, I CANNOT argue otherwise. Even if I did come to you face to face.
Did you see Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura today?

Yeah, he totally proved that the Titanic sinking was a conspiracy!
by GodBoognishSatan November 20, 2010
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