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Simplified enough for a console, though not always their fault. Or have the feel of a halfhearted port to the PC from console.

Either: Overlapping key assignments, for example tap for one thing, hold for another (DX:HR knock out/kill), or different effects in different situations (run/cover mass effect, or free run/jump assassins creed). Basically the controls feel cramped, and could be easily spread out on the keyboard/(8 button)mouse.

OR: Interface optimised for console, then ported to PC (eg: Deus Ex: Human revolutions - hacking, witcher 2 abilities, assassins creed select menu... etc etc etc). Alternatively crippled graphics for the PC, so consoles can run it too.

OR: The game just feels dumbed down, so that it would work with consoles not having a mouse (eg: Deus Ex: invisible war - 'simplified' inventory), or even more frustrating, not being able to select stuff on an interface with a mouse, but rather having to go through an awkward series of up down left and rights.

OR: Finally, and it has to be said: story modified for a 'console' audience.
Example of most consolification: Modern Warfare 2 (story, graphics, keys overlapping, and no looking around corners).

Example of a console game brought to the PC: Assassins Creed
by Bigfootmech November 01, 2011
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