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In Wexford,Ireland the term to "conquer poland" does not have anything to do with nazis or world war two,but in fact is a teenage's boys reference to 'score' girls.For example,a boy is particularly nervous before he first conquers poland and usually requires encouragement from his friends,or ''espirit des corps" and it is customary to take a 'parachute' for "safe landing" i.e. wearing a condom to protect onself from the possibility of pregnancy or stds.
"hey man,did you conquer poland last night after?"
"yeah man,at long last!I blitzkrieged her out of it!"
"brilliant,see I told you she just needed time.You did pack a parachute though?"
"of course,I couldnt let the troops flow free."
"wise choice,man"
"thaks for all the espirit des corps,by the way"
"no problem man,you have to look out for your fellow soldier,you know what I mean?"
by Wezsez April 17, 2008
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