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My bitch. Aka Scruffy. Who can be quite the sarcastic asshole. He's also secretly in love with Victoria. And he wishes he was a cool as Justin Bieber. He also wishes he could rock the scruff like Ashton Kutcher and he hoggs the last of Timothy's girlfriend's cookies. He enjoys torturing others in various ways such as taking embarassing photos of them, jamming thier toes, forcing girls to take a camera out of another girls bra, tickling, making them do all the work while he "supervises", ect. His career is a male prostitute (gigalo), with his partner Clay. They enjoy taking various pictures of themselves all over the Island of Fiji. He is also my art easel. He aspires to become the next member of The Backstreet boys. (we all know that wont happen, but if it does i expect 'Pee On Me' and his cover of 'You Belong with Me' to be on his first album) He is terrible at sting pong. (I will always win). and he will never be able to rock the blonde look.
"Wow do you see that faggot?" "The one in the pink pants? Yeah! Thats Connor Bitterman!"
by I hold the leash. October 30, 2011
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