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One who spends life in friends shadow one who plays basketball with the speds (see Sped) at lunch one who tells people he fingered his young cousin one who listens to a mix of country music and european metal one who drives a big pickup truck full of guns and dead deer one who sports the mullet one who wheres tight black jeans "Boots" and sleeveless Metallica shirts
Conklen went to live with chad. Conklen Drives a Big Pickup truck even when he's drunk
by The General January 31, 2003
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A) a goalie who habitually chokes, or stops amazing shots and lets in the easy ones from the point OR
B) the redneck photo intern at your place of business
A) "He stopped that last flurry of shots, but let in a pansy shot from the top of the circle, he's such a conklin.
b) That guy came in to work with a wife-beater and oakley razorblades, what a conklen
by ctown February 02, 2003
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