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A situation you find yourself in when:

1. You are on a ship filled with fuzzy convicts

2. you suffer from temporary amnesia and you can't remember where you've kept that ship you 'borrowed' from the antarctic

3. you feel confused about which ship to take to see your significant other way yonder over in paris
1. oh hie diddlediday, O'shea. its love to see you fuzzlingly bright today. i am definitely on a confuzzship

2. uuuuuh... um.... sooo? i wonder where that 1000000 ton ship. where the confuzzship is my ship

3. hmmm... let us see... mary virginia south to france? or queen amelia western smith blue to france? *dramatic back of hand on forehand slap*... decisions decision... oh gosh... confuzzshiping situation
by to1make9you1smile*:) June 23, 2010
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