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When your parents say some stupidass "Famous Chinese Quote" to make you do shit or to prove their point. Originates from the reference Confucius who was a chinese philosopher that our asian parents seem to worship as the great fatass buddha.
Michael: Hey mom, I got a 94 on my math test!
ChunChick YuNao: WHAT? Where de fuck are the other 6 points?!??
Michael: Umm... it's still an A mom. Chill.
ChunChick YuNao: HA? Well if one fish say to the tree, climb the mountain, does the water jump too?
Michael: ....the fuck....
ChunChick YuNao: When the sun cast shadow on Great Wall of China, the roly polys hide
Michael: Mom stop talking Confucianass
ChunChick YuNao: Well, If the black man says that 9 + 10 =21, do you berieve him?
Michael: Thats simple math mom...
ChunChick YuNao: You Stupid! No wonder you get 94 on math test you stupid son
Michael: ....fuck this. My family is so dam Chinknese
by butsecks January 26, 2015
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